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The Programme

The Horn of Africa Leadership and Learning for Action ( HOLLA ) is an EU Funded project which aims to support young people across the Horn of Africa to increase their capacity, opportunity and motivation to engage more in community based action that promotes peace, reconciliation and development , at national and regional levels.

Our Vision

HOLLA supports young women and men to increase their capability, opportunity and motivation to become socially engaged, active citizens within their communities, with ambition to bring change at regional and national levels. Innovatively, it works in harmony with young people from Ethiopia , Sudan and South Sudan to create a wider youth network of more than 100 young leaders, able to advocate positive youth participation and engagement in community based actions.

Our Mission

To change the lives of more than 100,000 people living in rural areas and about 500 young leaders from the Horn of Africa through its direct investment in youth led Social Action Projects in more than 20 localities in Sudan and Ethiopia. HOLLA has established strong ties with local authorities and bridged the gap between youth and Government, identifying shared space and purpose to achieve common good and improve the lives of many.

The story of HOLLA Sudan

Horn of Africa leadership and learning for action (HOLLA) project aims to develop youth leaders through building their capacities and motivating them in order to come up with a generation that’s able to mobilize the community through sharing knowledge and experience and applying it on local communities and then reflecting those stories with the rest of the network in the Horn of Africa.


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