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The story of HOLLA Sudan

Horn of Africa leadership and learning for action (HOLLA) project aims to develop youth leaders through building their capacities and motivating them in order to come up with a generation that’s able to mobilize the community through sharing knowledge and experience and applying it on local communities and then reflecting those stories with the rest of the network in the Horn of Africa.



Now the project is in its second round, in the previous round 45 youth were trained on the Active Citizen manual those you were divided into 8 teams to cascade the training in 8 different regions in Sudan by training at least 35 youth in each region. The teams consisted of facilitators, finance coordinators and an MEL coordinator and it was on them to carry the trainings in these areas from logistics to training delivery and up the evaluation stage.

Upon the completion of the training, the local trainees draft 4 project proposals and after the discussions one of them is selected to be implemented by HOLLA network members, the community members and with the support of the local authorities and the implementing partners from the Civil Society.

HOLLA goals can be summarized as follows:

  • Building a generation that’s able to lead the community.
  • Positive youth engagement in community mobilization.
  • Reshaping and creating a better community behavior.
  • Motivating youth to take initiatives and to participate in community activities.
  • Developing the Civil Society through building strategic collaborations with the lead implementing partners.
  • Training the youth in leadership skills and enhancing their skills in decision making.
  • Motivating youth to take part in decision making.
  • Building a generation that’s able to face the community challenges and able to put radical solutions to overcome these issues in the future.
  • Building a generation that’s able to reflect cultural and ethnic diversity and acceptance of others.
  • Networking between youth initiatives inside the country and the regional network on a bigger scale.
  • Contributing to community development and to establishment of sustainable development projects.
  • Women empowerment at all levels.


  • Gedarif (Elfaw) and Khartoum (Elfateh Area-IDP camp): Handcrafting for local women implemented in collaboration with Niswa organization.
  • Blue Nile state (IDP camp): Environmental sanitation campaign.
  • White Nile state (Kosti): Awareness Raising session.
  • North State (Hamdab 2 village: internally displaced habitants due to construction of Merowe dam): establishment of a Bakery.
  • River Nile state (Atbara): rehabilitation of the youth center.
  • South Kordfan: Eldiling: School rehabilitation, Kadugli: Basic Health Awareness day.
  • Kassala State (Kassala): Youth Polices workshop.