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Sudan News

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The HOLLA Youth Network in Sudan have executed 2 Social Action Projects ( in July & November ) are targeting harder to reach places like Diling City in South Kordofan, and to harder to reach groups of communities that were forced to relocate in “Hamdab” City, North State. 

The Diling Social Action project has created a youth space where youth can meet to discuss ideas and experiences , and to speak about/resolve issues that affect their local community . The project also includes a Training Hall, Public Library and Movie Club which will also help promote diversity and peace through its different activities. This project has created a platform for young people to raise their voices and enhanced youth effective engagement with the community.

“Hamdab” Social Action Project addresses issues around youth empowerment , and employability , where our youth are constructing a small farm that will yield a constant and stable returns which will allow them to continuously fund the medical center in the local community , and at the same time, be able to have youth employed with farming activities.This will , in return , increase their ability to effectively contribute to community development and allows them to practice their leadership roles in the local community. Our support also included training workshops on Active Citizen, Leadership, Governance and Negotiation Skills in addition to a small grant allowing them to start the project implementation activities.