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Contextual Analysis and Project Management Training, day 2017, South Kordofan, Sudan

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HOLLA is primarily a behavior change program, aiming at supporting young women and men to increase their capability, opportunity and motivation for becoming active citizens within their communities, regionally, nationally and at a personal level. 

HOLLA’s overall goal is to ‘contribute to the promotion of peace and development by promoting the involvement of young women and men in the Horn of Africa’. Through strong foundation of youth network that function with a capacitated, empowered, genuinely youth-led coalition. As well, its approach is to invest in young people from the three countries to become more engaged in community based action projects promoting community cohesion and development’.



In the second phase of the project the focus will be on the youth engagement at community level and developing a comprehensive document that analyses youth status in Sudan and highlight the windows for opportunities. Both areas will be led by youth themselves in close consultation with the lead implementing partners the Youth Forum Organization and the British Council.

As part of its activities HOLLA conducted four days’ workshop on contextual analysis and project management at South Kordofan, Eldiling town, Where 45 HOLLA youth leaders travelled for 12 hours, from their cities to visit their peers. And the rationale beyond conducting the training outside Khartoum is to change the stereotyping of centralizing the opportunities, wider engagement of local communities and a chance for the youth to tailor their projects to the actual needs of the community. The training was around contextual analysis for social action projects, through which the youth leaders had the opportunity to learn about Political Economy Analysis, Governance and tailoring their SAPs (Social Action Projects) planning and design.

Eldiling is 498 KM away from Khartoum the capital, the long bus trip and living together for 6 days played a strong role in strengthening the relation among the youth, it gave them an opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns and interact with each other, furthermore, the youth were able to plan for common activities that they can collaborate on accomplishing, within and outside HOLLA project.
Another positive aspect was allowing the youth to explore a part of the country that’s perceived to be unsafe and inhabitable, in addition, the participants from outside the capital felt that their areas are taking part in development projects planning as much as the capital.

“Convincing my family and my work supervisor about traveling to Eldiling was a challenge for me, but I gained knowledge and awareness because of the training workshop and the materials within, HOLLA, through organizing this training has created the spirit of sharing and interaction among the youth” Huwayda, Kassala State (East Sudan).

“The most effective part was the relationship among the youth, the connection and the harmony. HOLLA has contributed to creating links among youth in local communities through the training workshops that are been reflected to those people with specific consideration to people with disabilities”. Tahany, Gedarif