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Leadership and Negotiation Training October 2017, Alshimalya, Sudan

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End of the second network training, Northern state.

In October 2017 Holla network organized its second workshop, leadership, governance and negotiation skills, in Northern state (AlShimalya); Merowe and Alhamadab villages.

Young leaders from all over the Sudan gathered in Khartoum to travel to AlShimalya, with passion to achieve what they set their eye for, despite the diversity, different ethnicities and backgrounds respect and excitement were the most prevalent traits among the group.

The bus moved from Khartoum early morning with project team, facilitators and young leaders cheering and singing, out of a sudden the bus broke in Alkilo 100 (100 Kilos from the boarders of Khartoum State).



Despite the challenging situation, the leaders showed an immense deal of patience, courage and resilience, all this was reflected in their decision to start the Leadership and negotiation skills in the middle of the desert disregarding the weather and the dust. Not only that, the youth tried to move the bus out of the track which was a living image of marvellous team work and organizational skills. Upon the arrival of the new bus, the group lined up to move the luggage and proceeded to the destination.

On the next day of training the young leaders were energetic and enthusiastic. The training in Merowe continued for three days, tackling issues like proactive leadership, strategic negotiation and good governance. These days also included visits around Merowe to see the historical places such as the Pyramids, the historical Mountain of Berkel and the enormous Merowe dam.

The final day of the workshop was executed in Alhamdab (3) village, where the youth of the village were invited to take part in the design of a contextual analysis led social action project, the group was divided into four sub-groups including the community members to come up a projects and meets the needs of the area and supports youth positive community engagement, after the designing phases the projects were presented to the bigger group in order to vote for the one that’s most fit for implementation in terms of contextual analysis and youth engagement.

In Alhamdab village, the local community was very welcoming and showed great hospitality, this was matched by the youth’s great ability to deal with local communities and to adapt with the different social norms and customs.

The villagers bid Farwell to the youth group with local songs accompanied by traditional musical instruments and the air was filled with hope, encouragement and positive energy.