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HOLLA – Success Stories 2

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HOLLA is a major project for Light Ethiopia (Local Implementing Partner) to build the capacity of the local youths to contribute for the wellbeing of their communities at Dessie. The Major Characteristics of the participants of HOLLA project at Dessie are active participants, influential in their community and better facilitation skills.

Although these youths were actively participate for the wellbeing of their community with their interest they were not accessed for well-organized training to make them more active and to understand why they should support their community in all direction. Pear educators, community educators and most youths at Dessie generally experience ignorant and non-responsive for the events and activities at their localities. The shortfall for the active respondent of the youths in Dessie was directly related to the absence of organized capacity building support in the active citizen system in their area. 

Light Ethiopia in collaboration with Initiative Africa and the British Council in Ethiopia undertake youth capacity building project called HOLLA. The goal of the project was to build and increase the capacity of young people through arts and entrepreneurship development and the promotion of a Youth Partnership supporting young people and communities to better contribute to the youth’s future.

Light Ethiopia in collaboration with Initiative Africa and the British Council in Ethiopia organized many capacity building trainings for peer educators and community facilitators with different topics such as Active Citizen, situation analysis, local context analysis, and the like.imageActive participants with their community, good facilitation skill, maturity, networking and communication skills and facilitation skills are some of the selection criteria set by the British council and implemented by the local implementing partners. To ensure success of the project, only youths met such criteria were selected. The decision to select such youths was made by Light Ethiopia and the local government bodies. 

The project started with providing the training for 6 peer educators at Addis Ababa organized by Initiative Africa. Consequently these peer educators back to their community and train another 33 community educators. At present, all the member of Dessie Youth Association and Dessie youth federation have got information about Active Citizen and HOLLA at large. 

The Anti- Youth Addiction Social Action project organized by these youths are the major pull factor for youths requesting to join these group and organize the Active Citizen Training for them too. All information about the Active Citizen and HOLLA disseminated for the town youths and the community at large is provided by the peer educators and community facilitators. Most of the information is provided at the youth assembly, amateur youth actors and other formal and non-formal meeting. The road side march conducted by these youths was the major event for Light Ethiopia that helps to disseminate the information about HOLLA. So many youths creates their own jobs after attending the HOLLA team at Dessie.imageyoung people skilled and equipped to better contribute to community development, youth-focused Social Action Projects and 1 local awareness raising activities delivered by Community Facilitators that contribute to localized promotion of community development can be achieved successfully. One way of ensuring success is joining more youths to the concepts of HOLLA to support their communities. Blood donation, cleaning dirty corner of the town, scaling up of the active citizen concept, area greening, and supporting disadvantaged women are some of the activities in which youths are engaged after the participation of the HOLLA project. This shows that youths have feel the sense of ownership for their locality.