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Wala Ali – Youth Leader

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Wala was one of the Active Citizens trained Youth Leaders  in HOLLA 1 who worked at national, regional and international levels. Besides being the focal point for all Montioring and Evaluation ( M&E ) in HOLLA 1 , she got the opportunity to represent HOLLA Sudan Youth Network in Chatham House Event in UK.

The Irony here , is that Wala never worked in any youth related project/programme or organization, and wasn’t aware youth empowerment/engagement at all - the term was very new to her at the time.

After being introduced to HOLLA initially , she hesitantly applied and got selected as a Youth Leader. After getting to know HOLLA and the main objectives of the project & soon after her First AC training as a Youth Leader , Wala’s behaviour has changed dramatically. She transformed from totally not caring about youth issues , to an extreme strong advocate of youth policy & all that follows. 

Through the motivation she received from the AC training during HOLLA 1 , she has taken that to another level in HOLLA 2 , especially after she was recruited by our HOLLA lead implementing partner ( Youth Forum Organization -YFO ) due to her valuable and effective contribution to the success of many activities in HOLLA 1 . 

Wala, and through the MoU that YFO has signed with the Ministry of Youth ( to draft the youth policy for Sudan ) , was one of the 5 individuals who lead the youth policy project at YFO . Her contribution was in developing the methodology of the data collection and the designing of the tools used for it. 

As a consequence of her great efforts , Wala was invited to visit the Youth Economic Opportunities Summit , which took place in Washington DC ,United States of America (USA), October 2017. She was the only person from Sudan who participated.

When we look at where she is now ( advocate of youth issues ) , and the long way she came from ( unawareness of opportunities and the power she has within ) , it is fair to say that the AC methodology/training & Leadership opportunities allowed her in HOLLA 2 to see beyond herself, and to represent the youth of Sudan not only locally, but also internationally. Below is a statement we received from Wala ;   

I joined HOLLA1 two years ago and it is fair to say that it was a worthy journey whereas HOLLA has allowed me to act through my participation in the social action project where we got to visit many parts of Sudan and initiate projects to develop the local communities and share our experiences and aspiration with youth from different parts of Sudan and gain a wider view of my country and the struggles faced by youth and local communities and how to act to participate in solving them, HOLLA gave me a voice whereas I got to participate in the CHATHAM HOUSE event in London in 2016 as youth coming from Sudan, Ethiopia and South Sudan we got to be a part of the discussion with our leaders and to reflect on discussions taking place nationally and put in into the international context and most of all HOLLA trusted me to lead as I was the focal point of monitoring and evaluation during HOLLA1 and still am a part of the M&E cluster in HOLLA2.

Since participating in HOLLA I got an offer to work with the Youth Forum organization as a Monitoring and Evolution Officer and now am their Programs manager I also recently got to represent Sudan in the Youth Economic Opportunities Summit in the United States- Washington DC where I got to reflect our work in Sudan including our work in the Youth Forum and HOLLA project and the opportunities we give youth. So it is safe to say that joining HOLLA has defiantly made me into a leader I am today.