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Rabha – Peer Educator

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 Rabha is one of the “peer educator” in HOLLA 1 who received the AC training. She became an AC facilitator and delivered the AC training in two communities for total of 70 community young actors. This engagement with the community and youth specifically allowed and motivated her to become more youth-centred, and to emphasize on the importance of engaging youth with the community at that grass root level in order to give youth the empowerment they need – since it is through constant and frequent little positive engagement opportunities in that first place that will allow us to accomplish total empowerment in the long run.

To this end her peers and youth at the community selected her for the Active Citizen workshop in Morocco. Upon her return, Rabha invested a lot of time and effort on her skills of facilitation and dialogue management , she honestly believed that the bests way for her to make a difference & engage with the community , is to provide quality and frequent training opportunities to the less advantaged youth - those who come from harder to reach groups. 

Given the above , Rabha was selected to be one of our three “Contextual Analysis Champs” in HOLLA 2 , who are solely responsible for drafting a contextual analysis on Sudan that will identify “Entry points and Mechanisms for Youth Engagement in the Horn of Africa”. A final product that will be available at the end of HOLLA 2 implementation. She is not just one of the three, she is the leader of the pack . Currently ,she is leading the team who are responsible for collecting the data and is has effectively contributed to the design of the data collection methodology and tools.

The Active Citizen module helped her tremendously in the focus groups discussion she was undertaking at all the 10 states in Sudan – to generate information from the community actors including young people. She has mentioned that she is using the same approach the master facilitators used with her, and this has helped her a lot, she was able through using the AC methodology to bring everybody closer to each other by making them think from a “ we “ perspective instead of only sticking to an “I” perspective, and by that she was able to gain trust by allowing young participants and government officials to openly speak up , and raise their issues. This is exactly what happened in the Northern state focus group discussion ,where It is very hard for youth in that part of the country to speak up, especially if you are a young women , even though they are a majority. 

The last part of the module was very useful for her as she said ,she used it in line with the contextual analysis which helped her understand the other’s incentives/perspective, especially the government , who also shared the same space with the young women and men , probably for the first time in ages , and was able to give similar opportunities to everyone , so that everyone’s voice will be heard. 

Active Citizens was a great and a life changing opportunity for Rabha as well, She was able to combine Contextual Analysis with Active Citizens to open doors that were always perceived as closed ,and established effective strategies and dialogues with local traditional leaders and government officials that helped her achieve her goal of making and delivering true difference to the community .